Our buildings, as well as allowing to quantify the costs accurately, should be considered as high profitabil structures considering the fast return of the investment


In order to ensure a short and reliable production time, we manufacture your buildings "indoor", avoiding unforeseen due to weather conditions (to people, structures or materials)


Our innovative building system fully respects all security requirements at European level and is highly secure in case of earthquake and settlement of land

  • Durable
    The structural system used in our construction and the quality of materials allows us to offer a durability guarantee of over 50 years.
  • Agile
    Unlike a conventional construction, our installations depending on the needs, can be translated and reused.
  • Ecological
    This type of construction allows optimization of the materials used and an easier waste management (enviromentally friendly).

All the materials used in our buildings are tested, certified and of the highest quality on the market in order to amplify the characteristics of thermal insulation, energy saving and stability
Our system allows a constant quality control at all stages of the construction process, from the preliminary study until the end of the works also thanks to the use of advanced industrial machineries.



Discover the benefits of the ventilated façade with our Nichiha Fibercement Panel!

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